Handmade incandescent light bulbs from Belgium 

We absolutely love these vintage filament LED bulbs from the Belgian company QALEDO Design.

The bulbs are inspired by the sun's rays to reproduce every moment of light from sunrise to sunset. The dimmer allows you to change the color from a natural white (4000K) to a warmer white (2000K), similar to a candle, and lets you set the right temperature or mood.

The bulbs are all unique as they are produced by hand in crystal glass of the highest quality. The yellow filaments that light up and the dimmer gives you the control of these beautiful and unique LED bulbs to set perfect atmosphere in the shop, restaurant, meeting room or within the four walls of your home.




Quality through every step

- Find your favorite bulbs and create the right atmosphere.


The beauty of the product is that Qaledo Design works with the material in its raw form. Like a diamond cut to make it shine, Qaledo Design designs bulbs with the same focus on detail and precision. Each bulb is carefully tested to ensure a durable and beautiful light, which can enjoyed for many years to come.


Throughout the process of theproduction, attention is paid to every little detail. Every single glass is washed both inside and out. One by one the glass balls are selected and carefully inspected by technicians before use to ensure that there are no scratches, air balls and lines. This insures a LED bulb of the highest quality.



Lamps are one of the home's biggest must-haves. However, the right LED bulb is even more important.
Put the right cherry on top of your lamps!


Die auf Ihren Favoritplatz in der Einrichtung fokussieren
oder die Ihren Wunsch nach gedämpftem Zimmerbeleuchtung verwirklichen.

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Für die rohe, klassische und einfache Einrichtung.

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Die Atmosphäre verbreiten. Hier finden Sie sowohl raue, klassische als auch einfache Hängelampen.

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Unterschätzen Sie nicht die Stimmung, die Lampen einem Zimmer geben – reine Magie!

— Sandie Cully Interieur Stylistin 


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